The Pivot Arts Festival is a celebration of innovative performances in our community. This year’s festival explores the intersection between ART AND SCIENCE.  We have curated multiple performances around science themes as diverse as climate change, chaos theory, gender/sexuality, to name a few. You will have the opportunity to MAKE GREAT DISCOVERIES: explore acoustics at a House music dance party, join a dinner discussion at the Ecology of Eating, and compete in a Scientific Race for Glory with the dilettantes.  Mostly, you will have the opportunity to discover inventive and entertaining performances.  Enjoy!

For details on each event click on a photo below OR click on a category tab below like “dance” or “kids” to see what’s listed!  This year we’ve added science categories as a fun way to explore festival offerings. Many performances are paired together so you get 2 shows for the price of one!  ALL TICKETS RANGE FROM FREE TO $15.

View the entire festival calendar

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