Just over a year ago I met Katy Collins at the Perfect Cup Cafe.  A mutual playwright friend connected us thinking that it might be possible for me to direct a workshop of her play with Katy’s Vintage Theater Collective.  We began to talk and quickly realized that we had a bigger vision for the kind of work that we wanted to create here in Chicago.  Before we knew it, Fable Festival was born — a festival that celebrated innovative arts activity in unique spaces throughout Edgewater.  Katy and I love the theater.  But we also love going to bands and we love to dance.  And to eat ice cream.  And to go to parties on the lawn outside.  Why should the performing arts exist in their separate silos of music, theater and dance?  How can artists and businesses collaborate to create imaginative performance events while driving patrons to local establishments?  We want to partner with YOU — all of you — to work together to create performances that are joyful, creative and above all — innovative. We want to improve the quality of life for all of us in our community through the arts.

It seems like every day I read about a new app or imaginative tech start-up born out of the dreams of another twenty-two year-old.  And yet, so much artistic practice seems inflexible — caught up in the exact same models of producing and creating work that sometimes results in a successful product and other times, does not.  We believe in the value of live performance.  People have an intrinsic need to come together in a living space — not a virtual, cyber space — and have a shared experience.  How can live performance remain vital in world increasing dominated by technology?  We want to hear from you – what kind of performance work do you want to see happen in your city?  How can we create nontraditional partnerships that are mutually beneficial? Life is short.  Let’s think outside the box and dream big together!