We did it.  The artists are putting the final touches on their work, the spaces are being prepared and yes, the porta-potties have been ordered.  On Thursday the inaugural Pivot Multi-Arts Festival opens and I’m feeling like a proud, nervous and excited (and somewhat mournful) parent, watching our baby of the past year take off.

And now it’s yours.  This is your festival.  Go meet your neighbors.  Eat Dimo’s pizza.  Dance to the Hoyle Brothers.  Take a risk on something new and have fun. Pivot Arts was created to bring all of us together – small business owners, high school principals, artists, Aldermen and all of you around the idea that the arts can make our community a vibrant place to live.   Take a look at the calendar page at pivotarts.org/calendar.  There’s everything from Flamenco Dancing in an unused parking lot to a Greek blues-infused band on the shores of Lake Michigan.   Shake up your routine and try some art on.  You’ll be glad that you did.

Over the past year I’ve been amazed by the generosity and genuine enthusiasm of the people who have stepped forward to make Pivot Arts a reality.  Sarah Stec, our graphic designer, created our beautiful brochures and posters pro bono and then donated $50 because she “want(s) to see Pivot Arts succeed.”   My husband’s former boss, Howard Learner, emailed me to say he read my blog post and then helped to further connect me to folks in the community.  My neighbors, Ann Casey and John Gilroy, who contacted me to volunteer for Pivot Arts because they think that an arts center in the community is a great idea.  And I’m deeply moved by the generosity of all the artists who said yes, we want to help you make a Pivot Arts festival happen.

Over the next three weeks we’ll all have ample opportunity to step outside of our quotidian lives and dance like crazy.  See you at the festival!