Pivot Arts was born out of a desire to one, create a home for innovative performance and two, to contribute to our community, the far north side of Chicago.  Our annual festival is a celebration of innovation – and what better way to talk about innovation then through the lens of science?

This year’s festival is an opportunity for you to MAKE GREAT DISCOVERIES.  Perhaps you are a fan of our festival participants or perhaps some of these companies and artists are new to you.  Become an art explorer.  Go and see The Seldoms tackle climate change, watch an elegant Ayako Kato and her dancers respond to chaos theory, laugh with multiple clowning acts like Gashlycrumb Orphanage and Vanessa Valliere, participate in a science game with the dilettantes, and be amazed by Kristina Isabelle’s dancers as they defy physics – on stilts.  That’s right.  They dance on stilts.

There’s so much to explore from May 28 – June 14, including a House Music dance party with DJs and performances by Honey Pot Performance and BAATHHAUS at FLATSstudio.  Or come discuss and learn about energy issues with artists and environmental leaders at 6018NORTH—there will be food!  And then see shows about food with the Ecology of Eating series.  There’s science improv with Storytown at Edgewater’s favorite Lickity Split Custard and Sweet Shop plus a show about turning 13 with the DanceCOLEctive.  And so much more for you to explore, check out the festival page.

It all starts on May 28 with the BIG BANG.  See you at Francesca’s Bryn Mawr that night for the kick-off party (specialty drinks in beakers!) and throughout the Uptown, Edgewater and Rogers Park neighborhoods through June 14.