Everyone has regrets – those moments we wish had never happened, the things we’ve said we immediately want to take back. But when do we get the chance to share those regrets?

Last night at our Sadness Show, we gave people that chance. Amidst the ironically sad stories being told and songs being sung, we asked audience members to write down some of their moments of shame for our Regrets Box. Here are some of the tales of woe that they came up with.

One night stand in Barcelona. He fell asleep so I took money out of his wallet to get back to my hotel. Saw his friend on the way out the door and gave the money back. Big regret.

Wearing tights with worn-out elastic on the first day at my new job.

Sleeping with three men on the same day.

Didn’t visit my cousin before she passed.

J’ai regret that I don’t speak French

My poetry teacher from college reached out to me via email about 10 years later. He was my favorite teacher and I was so excited he found me. I had been working on some new poems when I received his email so I decided to finish them so I could send them to him, because I knew he’d get such a kick out of it. Three months later, I found out he committed suicide. I so wish I had written him back…

Being shy?

I regret not leaving my husband sooner 🙂

I regret giving up what clearly would have been the most amazing Broadway career EVER (in the history of Broadway careers) to move to CEDER FUCKING CITY UTAH for a boy.

The Taco Bell I had before I got here.

That drunk text to the ex.

I regret getting drunk last Friday and calling my best friend who I’m super in love with and yelling at him for not making time to talk to me, which sent both of us into a tailspin of too many feelings.

Quitting the swim team in 5th grade.

I really wish I hadn’t slept with that producer. He was so gross.

Forgetting that my brother in law loves civil war documentaries and reenactments to that I could include it in my speech at my brother’s wedding.

My regret is not killing Jeff Goldblum when I had the chance!!!!!

I regret not talking to my parents about their childhoods, parents, etc. I was too late (born) to know my grandparents…

Getting too drunk at the work Holiday Party! Whoopsie Daisy!

I regret my 8 year old self accidentally eating all of the Costco cookies and blaming my little brother.

I regret being cruel to Thomas in the 6th grade.

Britney Spears Valentines.