We have a new monthly series beginning Nov. 4, Pivot@63, that’s part live talk show part performance. It’s kind of like the Daily Show but without Jon Stewart. So, in other words, it’s the Daily Show. But different.

Tonight’s kick-off has an election theme and is hosted by Sharon Lanza, science-loving cheerleader with punk marching band, Mucca Pazza and Manager of Clowns at Aloft Circus Arts. “Lord Hornblower” (aka Dave Smith of Mucca Pazza) will be giving his political forecast via saxophone so get those election questions ready. We’ll have Martha Bayne interviewing the President. Of the Hideout, Tim Tuten. There’s live music, stories and our very own Pivot DIY where artist Catie Olson shows you how to make outwear from trash bags. So take that Climate Change!

All of this sounds somewhat ridiculous, right? And that’s the point. But the bigger point is to get all of us off our devices and with each other at a local pub enjoying food, drink and innovative entertainment. So, see you there!

Pivot@63 takes monthly at Bar 63 6341 N. Broadway at 8pm. November 4 show, “Election Update: Let the Media Decide!!”