Beth Lynch, RN, APN is an Eden Energy Medicine Clinical Practitioner with a commitment to supporting and empowering you on your own journey to heal, evolve and optimize wellness through energy work. Working with your energy systems can help find out your physical, emotional or spiritual ‘sticking points’ that may be holding you back from fulfillment in yourself and in life. Beth began her journey in the health field as a nurse and holds undergraduate degree from University of Wisconsin-Madison and graduate nursing degree from University of Washington-Seattle. She is also married and the mother of three beautiful and spirited children and lives the labyrinth nature of being a parent. Eden Energy Medicine techniques incorporates Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupressure involving meridians, aura, Five Element Theory, chakras, along with Qi Gong and Yoga influence all help to keep your energies flowing and you feeling better inside and out.

What informed your decision to move away from being an RN and learn more about Eden Energy Medicine?
I have always known there was ‘something else’ in how to care for people. I’ve have been attracted to alternative medicine practices my whole life, being brought up by a very holistic mother who did a lot of listening to her intuition and thinking ‘outside the box’. In my work as a palliative care and hospice nurse I saw symptoms that spanned the physical, emotional and spiritual planes and felt there was a deeper way to address these issues. As I sat in class learning about energy medicine I felt I was finally learning all the practices I had been curious about for so long. Now as I practice the work, I feel so excited to be in full alignment with my passion.

What are some common misconceptions about the energy work that you do?
Probably the “I don’t buy it.” The idea that all the energy is not real and doesn’t make a difference. I get it! For me, my heart felt it first and then my mind came around with experience and understanding. But you don’t have to believe in it for it to work!

In what ways has your life changed through embracing these alternative medicinal practices?
The biggest difference is feeling more empowered in my own life, being able to shift my own energies and help myself and my family feel better. Plus learning from the energy systems and applying their deeper meanings to my life and sharing with my family, friends, and clients.

What would you tell someone who believes that they don’t have time for mindful living practices, or think it “doesn’t work” for them?
I’d talk to them about what they value most in life, what is their desire–how do they want to feel? I’d also talk with them about what is and is not working for them in their life. There are many different roads to roam and there may be a style or practice that suits them they haven’t tried yet!


Beth will be participating in Pivot Arts’ Live Talk: May Day! on Wednesday, May 17th at 7:30pm, which is all about mindful living. CLICK HERE to buy tickets!