June 12 7:00 pm

Join us for the in-person premiere of four short films made by recipients of Chicago Dancemakers Forum digital dance grants! This event takes place as part of a “Day of Dance.” Join us at 4pm for showings of works-in-progress followed by a 6pm reception with the artists sponsored by Revolution Brewing. The dance film screenings begin at 7pm for a full afternoon/evening of art and community!


  • Sildance/AcroDanza’s Visita a Nuestros Muertos (Visit to Our Dead), created and choreographed by Silvita Diaz Brown and directed by Alexandra Yasinovsky. This dance film features four dancers portraying personal stories about a deceased loved one and honoring them with moving and stunning Day of the Dead traditions.
  • Archangels presents Shaping Lens, written and directed by Annie Franklin, produced, filmed and edited by Kenny Washington. This four-episode docuseries focuses on an artist’s process in creating a successful dance film.
  • Moods of Nāyikā, created by drag performer Abhijeet and dancemaker Ashwaty Chennat. The film celebrates an explosion of South Asian queer artistry and is at once sexy and powerful. Witness a celebration of the nāyikā—the heroine—who is etched into ancient Indian literature.
  • Afterimage created by Zachary Nicol; cinematography by Julia Pello. An afterimage produces the illusion of visual form in darkness, the impression of a vivid sensation retained after stimulus has ceased. This film is a beautiful exploration of representation and the camera lens.

Click link above for tickets to this one time showing of Dance Films on Sunday, June 12 | 7pm at The Edge Theater 5451 N. Broadway Street, Chicago.