The Era Footwork Crew presents a short preview of their performance, In the Wurkz, a touring dance performance based on the lives and dreams of young dancers on Chicago’s West and South Sides. This preview version of the evening-length piece is a sneak peek at a larger work that shows the history of footwork dancing, tracing its development from “the holy ghost”—the first footwork dance move inspired by spirit possession in Church—to a citywide, black teenage dance culture that keeps youth safe in dangerous neighborhoods across Chicago.

​IN THE WURKZ​ uses movement, poetry, film and memories of Chicago’s award winning company, The Era Footwork Crew, with music by the city’s leading footwork DJs in the Teklife collective.

Era Footwork Crew Documentary


The Era Footwork Crew​ a​re pioneers of the battle dance known as Chicago footwork. They have performed from Japan to Peru on leading stages, working alongside leading artists such as Chance the Rapper and DJ Rashad. Institutions like the Field Foundation, the University of Chicago, and the Joyce Foundation have recognized The Era with grants in support of the group’s boundary-breaking artistic and social leadership. In their newest performance, ​The Era features dancers Jamal “Litebulb” Oliver, Sterling “Steelo” Lofton, Brandon “Chief Manny” Calhoun, Jemal “P-Top” De La Cruz, and creative director Wills Glasspiegel.

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Pivot Arts will present The Era Footwork Crew live at a future date.