Meet artists from our 2020 Incubator Program (which was postponed due to Covid-19). Choreographer and dancer, Aaliyah Christina of Catalyst Mvmnt, centers her work around the Black, femme experience. Ashwaty Chennat of Mandala South Asian Performing Arts and collaborator, jazz percussionist, Alvin Cobb Jr., create multi-genre works influenced by Indian percussive rhythms.

Together we chat about mental health issues in communities of color, how audiences can best help artists, and lastly, we name our superpowers.

Performance footage includes: Ashwaty Chennat’s solo work-in-progress beaten path accompanied by Alvin Cobb Jr. jazz composition presented at Mandala Makers Festival at the Green Line Performing Arts Center (May 2019); Aaliyah Christina’s workshop of I’m Full of B.S.: An Autobiography at Sweetwater Foundation; Firebird Suite part of Chicago Sinfonietta’s “Love + Light: The Jubilant Return of Diwali”, a contemporary Bharatanatyam dance theatre based on the epic Ramayana. Presented at Wentz Concert Hall in Naperville, also presented at Symphony Center (November 2019).

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