Live Talk: Food For Thought
Hosted by Nancy García Loza
January 30 | 7:00pm
Outerspace 1474 N. Milwaukee Avenue

Advance Reservations required due to food orders

Join pocha playwright and newest Pivot Arts Artistic Associate (!!) Nancy García Loza for an evening of food, drinks, conversation and performance. We will hear a short excerpt of Nancy’s new play-in-progress, Birria performed by Chicago actors Eddie Martinez, Marvin Quijada and Jessi Realzola. We’ll chat about cooking culture, creativity and competition… Your ticket includes delicious Mexican fare from nearby Antique Taco and we will provide complimentary beverages.

The evening closes out with live Latin music by leading Mexican musicians, Erendira Izguerra and Adrian Ramirez!! Come eat tacos and meet the artists! SPACE IS LIMITED AND RESERVATIONS REQUIRED…

About the Play
Cooking is everywhere. Even on our TV’s. We share food, we share recipes, we break bread together. Cooking culture demands creativity, innovation, and is sharply competitive, so when does sharing become stealing? When do we cut onions or cut each other?