Live Talk: The Sadness Show
February 15 at 7:30pm
Uncommon Ground 1401 W. Devon


Pivot Arts’ monthly LIVE TALK show is part performance, part live talk show. This unique evening includes quirky performances, interviews, live music and the very special, Pivot DIY. On February 15th the show will feature our annual celebration of of despair and despondency including a Sad Story Contest, Sad Karaoke and more! A dismally good time.

The Feb. 15th Sadness Show will be hosted by performer Karen Rodriguez. Sad Story Contestants including reigning champions, playwrights Bonnie Metzgar and Tanya Palmer, as well as performers Sandra Delgado and Theo Allyn reading from their own sad tales. William Von Vogt will perform a story by the tragically hip, Philip Dawkins. Actress, Carolyn Hoedermann, performs the Pivot DIY, a quick demo on how to cry on cue. Playwright Brett Neveu leads the Sad Karaoke.

Live Talk is a fun and engaging evening meant to bring us together around the arts and meaningful discussions. Plus there’s food and drink for purchase at Uncommon Ground!