Sunday, June 14 at 6pm: A live streamed viewing of the film The Long Term (15 minutes in length) followed by discussion with co-directors, Damon Locks and Sarah Ross, of Prison and Neighborhood Arts Project moderated by Jane Beachy, Artistic Director of Illinois Humanities includes Eric Blackmon, Paralegal at MacArthur Justice Center and Community Educator-in-Residence, Pozen Center Human Rights Lab; as well as civil rights attorney, Sarah Grady of Loevy and Loevy.

Prison + Neighborhood Arts Project presents The Long Term, a hand-drawn, animated film developed by artists serving long-term sentences. The video uses personal narrative and research to describe the scale and impact of these sentencing policies including stories about the fear of dying inside, the feeling of being programmed by prison, and the impact on family life; from the perspective of 11 artists serving life or long-term sentences.

Created by artists from Stateville Prison and artists-in-residence from the Prison + Neighborhood Arts Project:

Chester Brost, Devon Daniels, Joseph Dole, Francisco “Paco” Estrada, Darrell W. Fair, R Dot Nandez, Damon Locks, C. McLaurin, Flynard “Fly 1” Miller, Andrés Reyes, Sarah Ross., B. R. Shaw, Bring and Johnny Taylor.

Art Directors: Damon Locks + Sarah Ross
Animator Director: Rob Shaw
Editors: Rob Shaw + Sarah Ross
Sound: Damon Locks + Nick Mazzeralla
Rob Mazurek’s Exploding Star Orchestra
Thank you for generous support from: Open Society Foundation, Soros Justice Media Fellowship, IL Humanities

Prison + Neighborhood Arts Project is a collective of artists, writers and scholars who connect with people at Stateville Prison through classes, guest lecturers and other events. Each year, scholarly and creative work is developed in the prison and exhibited in neighborhood galleries. PNAP understands access to education and art to be fundamental human rights capable of transforming people, systems, and futures.

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