June 6 6:00 pm

June 6, 2023

Popular urban historian and social media sensation Shermann Dilla Thomas will lead a bus tour of Chicago’s Edgewater and Uptown neighborhoods. Enjoy a ride on the Chicago Mahogany bus through the historic districts of Edgewater and Uptown and learn more about architectural gems such as the Edgewater Beach Hotel, Aragon Ballroom, Uptown Theater and the unique and fascinating histories of these far north neighborhoods. As Dilla says, “Everything that’s dope about America comes from Chicago.”

The Chicago Mahogany bus will depart from the far north side of St. Ida’s parking lot at 5520 N. Broadway. If you are driving to the event, the church has asked that patrons do not park in their parking lot. The bus will return and unload in the same location.