Pivot Arts presents What’s Next:
Ginger Krebs Performance Project

Chicago Fringe Opera

Sunday, June 10 at 7:30pm
Parish House
1244 W. Thorndale Ave.
$15 advance / tickets at the door by $15 suggested donation


Zachary Whittenburg
Communications and Engagement Director, Arts Alliance Illinois
leads a conversation with the artists following their performances

Krebs, Soft Parade (charge)

Pivot Arts Festival closes with two additional showings of What’s Next from our Performing Arts Incubator Program at Loyola University: Ginger Krebs Performance Project and Chicago Fringe Opera. The Incubator Program provides artists with the necessary time and space to develop work that blurs the boundaries between music, dance, theater, and other arts.

Chicago Fringe Opera with BraveSoul Movement presents The Rossini Project

Chicago Fringe Opera—called “the city’s alt-opera company” by the Chicago Tribune—is dedicated to producing artistically excellent and innovative productions of operatic works written in English that stimulate, engage, and empower a diverse community of artists and audiences alike.

The Rossini Project is a text-, music- and movement-based adaptation of Rossini’s opera ‘The Barber of Seville’ featuring Hip-Hop MCs and street-dancers performing with a live DJ and beatboxer to remix a story of interracial love as a house party that puts the audience at the center of the action.

The workshop presentation, running around twenty minutes, will showcase three numbers from the intended full-length production.

Ginger Krebs Performance Project presents Escapes and Reversals. Escapes and Reversals considers exertion by physical bodies relative to public relations maneuvers designed to hide wars and sell air-brushed, laughing lives of comfort. The choreography is inspired by training drills (wrestling takedowns, a spinning nunchuck routine), animals’ predator avoidance strategies (rapid head movements, playing dead) and personal coping rituals (bribing oneself into action with treats). It revels in the heroic efforts people make each day just to keep going. Made with and performed by Elise Cowin, Maddie Kodat, Zachary Nichol, Naoki Nakatani and Harlan Rosen.

Ginger Krebs is a dancemaker, performer, and visual artist who’s shown work recently at The Arts Club of Chicago, Loyola University, the Chicago Artists Coalition, DCASE’s Storefront Theater, and Hyde Park Art Center.  She was awarded a MAP Fund grant for innovation in live performance in 2015, and her 2016 performance Buffer Overrun was chosen for the Chicago Tribune’s Best dance of 2016. Krebs is an Adjunct Associate Professor in Performance and Contemporary Practices at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

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