One of the most important rules of improv comedy: a person should say yes to what another person has created and then add something to it. It’s an approach that allows for anything to happen. No matter what your fellow actor presents to you, instead of negating it, build upon it!

Recently I decided to apply improv’s golden rule to life. Lately life has felt more and more like one big improvisation anyhow — we can plan as much as we want, but basically we’re just out here on-stage trusting our instincts and hoping that our collaborators will say yes.

For the past few weeks I’ve decided to drag myself off the sofa and say YES as much as possible. I’ve found myself at parties where I didn’t know anyone except the host, going to shows at venues that seem out of the way and attending events that aren’t always on my radar. The act of showing up has felt empowering — it’s enabled me to get outside of my comfort zone, meet people I don’t always talk with and feel engaged.

The Pivot Arts Festival runs for 10 days and is full of events that you might not have experienced before. We encourage you to say, “Yes and.” Try it! Go see the rotund clown that is Honeybuns and then dance to the queer, performance art house band BAATHHAUS, deposit your memories in the Memory Bank, be in a puppet parade and laugh yourself silly at the all silent, all funny Bri-Ko. There is so much to see, be a part of and discuss!! Spend 10 minutes on the festival page with your calendar in hand. Get an all access pass.

Whatever you do, embrace this unique experience and say “Yes, And.” Allow for anything to happen. You’ll be glad that you did. WATCH THE TRAILER HERE!

The Pivot Arts Festival runs May 28 – June 7 and is a celebration of innovative performance throughout Edgewater & Uptown. This year’s theme is “Celebrate Community!” and includes a parade on May 30th with large-scale puppets and performances, an interactive “Memory Bank,” a community dinner and more…

Pictured above Vanessa Valliere who performs her clown show, Honorable Mention, June 4&5. Photo by David Silverman.