After white supremacists marched in Charlottesville last August, Quenna Barret and I got together to talk. As a Jewish person, a Black person — as any compassionate person who cares about equity– we found this display of overt racism and bigotry disturbing, to say the least.

We decided we wanted to cultivate an artistic space to celebrate our power as makers and creators, and to honor our resiliency in the face of hatred.

Pivot Arts’ Live Talk shows have consistently been a way to come together and celebrate our uniqueness. Next week feels especially important. It’s Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday. It’s the one year anniversary of inauguration. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to come together in strength.

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Quenna Barrett & Julieanne Ehre are Co-Curators of the January 17 Live Talk show taking place at Uncommon Ground 1401 W. Devon Avenue at 7:30pm. The line-up includes performances, a panel discussion, the Pivot DIY and there is food and drink for purchase. INFO HERE