I’m delighted to tell you that the Pivot Arts Festival takes a major leap forward in our sixth year. We are presenting the nationally celebrated theater company, Rude Mechs, from Austin, Texas, for their Chicago premiere. The festival includes ground-breaking artists whose work you would not have the opportunity to see in Chicago’s more traditional venues. Corey Smith will lead you on a one-of-a-kind tour through the historic Colvin House, as guides dance, sing and speak their way through the space. The only actress/doula that we know of, Katy Collins, will answer your questions about bodies in The Doula Is In. Plus we’ve got unicorns. That’s right, unicorns will bring you an abundance of joy in The? Unicorn? Hour?.

The festival is a unique celebration of contemporary performance taking place in unusual venues on the far north side of Chicago. But it’s more than that. It’s an opportunity to come together and experience life deeply. Art shines a bright light on the bigger questions and it also entertains us. Being a part of a live performance that will never happen in quite the same way again is something you just can’t get from staying home and watching Netflix.

Come and be a part of our contemporary performance community!

Excited??? You Can Make the Festival A Success:
1. Show Up! Buy tickets HERE.
2. Donate! Paying artists, housing an out-of-town theater company… Our costs are real. Can you donate some dollars HERE?
3. Spread the word! You are our biggest marketing opportunity. Share, like, tweet, snap chat, dance about the festival. #PivotArtsFestival @PivotArts
4. Party! Attend the May 17 Festival Preview Party. All ticket sales support the festival. Reserve HERE and eat, drink, party to support the fest!