The Pivot Arts Festival is a ten-day celebration of innovative performance that contributes to the vibrancy of the Edgewater and Uptown neighborhoods. The 2015 Festival theme is “Celebrate Community!” with a special focus on bringing people together. This year we have a first-time PARADE on May 30th with large-scale puppets designed by Swift School students and built by community members under the guidance of professional puppeteers. Swift School is a gem in our community with over 50 languages represented at the school.

After the parade, join us for performances on Loyola University’s St. Ignatius Plaza where we’ll be greeted by Japanese drumming group TSUKASA TAIKO and Grammy-Nominated rocker, JUSTIN ROBERTS, whose indie, family-friendly music brings joy to fans of all ages. CIRCESTEEM will be there along with an exciting array of arts groups and community organizations. Stay on to see sketch-comedy group, BRI-KO perform its all-ages and hilarious show inside Loyola’s Mundelein Center.

The focus of the festival continues to be exciting and innovative performance including top tier groups and artists such as LUCKY PLUSH PRODUCTIONS, THE NEO-FUTURISTS, RE DANCE, DEAN EVANS, BAATHHAUS along with plenty of live music, theater, dance, puppetry, discussions, wine tastings, workshops, performances for children, and more.

Let’s all come together and take pride in the talent in our city and in our diverse community. The festival provides you with the opportunity to see unique performance and celebrate our common humanity through the arts. Join the fun and take advantage of our all-access pass!

Photo of Lucky Plush Productions The Queue by Benjamin Wardell.